Dear GoodARCH family members,

[NEW ARRIVAL] GoodARCH 6 Gold Medals winner of World Inventor Exhibitions, Kang Fu Rou Far-Infrared Super Breathable Sanitary Napkins is coming on JULY!

In conjunction with the Kang Fu Rou launching on July, we are doing a pre- order promotion!

Pre-order Promotion period: 15/6/2017~14/7/2017
Promotion content:
1. Original Price:RM 998/Box (PV 680), there are 4 types: Day Use, Night Use, Night Use Extension and Protection Liner.
2. Pre-order Promotion: BUY 3 BOXES FREE 1 BOX (Original Price: RM 3, 992), Promotion Price: RM 2, 990 (PV 1, 890), and combination of different types of Kang Fu Rou are available (in term of box).
3. Additional deals: For Diamond Leaders (or above), Coordinators (or Vice Coordinators), one session of Kang Fu Rou Class will be given for those achieve a total of 40 boxes (10 sets of buy 3 free 1) and above pre-orders among own organization group, Two sessions of Kang Fu Rou Class for 80 boxes and above, and so on. Please discuss with our Market Development Team on the venue and date for the class.
4. Kang Fu Rou Tools Box is available for purchase during the class with promotion price of RM50 (original price is RM80) while stocks last.
5. Goods Delivery: First come first serve (base on the submitted pre-order form)

Please refer the DM for more details.

Reckoning Day

Only receive order, no goods delivery.


Sales Closing Day

July - 06/08/2021


July 2021