Dear GoodARCH members:
The sought-after Pro-V will be launched in October!!!
“Nocturia problems affected sleeping quality…”
“Weak urinary stream and incomplete empty feel…”
“Urinary tract or intimate area problems…”
“Burning feel and painful during urination…”
“Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia problems…”
“Wish to have a better couple conjugal life…”
Kindly refer Product DM for more information.

In conjunction with the new product launching, we offering a Buy 2 Get 1 Free promotion.
Promotion period: 1 – 30/10/2018
Package: RM396
Please refer to the promotion poster for the T&C.

※ GoodARCH reserves the rights to amend the terms and conditions herein from time to time, please refer to the latest official announcement for any amendment on this matter.

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