A product is the foundation for an industry. Research and development are the only way to create a unique product.

GoodARCH Technology Group’s fundamental business is to develop a patent’s product – GoodARCH Far-Infrared Arch Support and FIR Series’ products. These two main products had respectively received patent registration from various countries such as Taiwan, Japan, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand, Phillipines, Indonesia, USA, Singapore , etc.

A unique product requires huge funding, time and energy and continuous research and development in order to transform it into a star product with market potential. GoodARCH Technology Group has conducted exclusive research on orthotic shoes including gentlemen’s shoes, sandals, lightweight walking shoes, ladies shoes, bunion shoes, birken shoes, etc.

In order to provide value added products to its consumers, GoodARCH Technology Group has collaborated with Prof. So Fang Qing of Institute of Biomedical Engineering Chenggong University to promote the production programme and to develop the product to international biomedicine level since 2006.

In November 2010, we had officially signed a collaboration agreement with the National University of Tainan Innovation Center and Electromechanical Systems Engineering Institute to actively set up the arch and footwear technology research center globally.

In January 2011, collaborated with the National Tainan University to conduct the "Master Course For Medical Electromechanical System " and trained the first10 outstanding graduates. And in 2013 re-conduct the course after obtaining audit approval from the Ministry of Education.

In July 2013, signed an agreement with Industrial Research Institute to conduct Product Research and Development. In November, further signed an agreement with Tainan Tourism to Promote Factory Visiting Programme.

GoodARCH Technology Group acknowledges the importance of research. By developing unique product, it will therefore create endless stream of business vitality. With supreme management for its production process and strict monitoring for raw materials’ qualities, these will ensure the production of highest quality products. With this, we can help more consumers to achieve healthy and happy life!