FIR Toothpaste

Uniqueness: Made from numerous plant extracts and natural active agents. Do not contain fluoride, Diethylene glycol, alcohol and others chemicals. Far-Infrared (FIR) participles being added to produce a warm effect. By using GoodARCH FIR energy toothpaste and adopting the correct brushing technique, it can effectively clean the teeth and remove bacterial and stains, reduce cavity and bad-breath as well as maintaining good oral health.

Composition: Far-Infrared rays molecule, enzyme, Propolis liquid extract, Aloe Vera liquid extract, Glossy ganoderm/ ganoderma lucidum extract, Peppermint essential oil, Green tea extract, Lilac Compound essential oil,. Menthol. Citrus Flavonoid, Sorbitol Solution, Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosina, Pectic, Glycerine.
Instruction for Use: For health care. 2 – 3 times daily. Allow the gel to stay in the mouth for 3 – 5 minutes before rinsing it. Use water to gargle. Apply a thin layer onto the teeth for better effects.

Nett weight: 150 ± 5g

Certification by notary office:
 1. Does not contain plasticizer, Report No.SL102P90213-12
 2. Does not heavy metals, Report No.TWNC00328670
 3. Does not contain ponsionous materials, Report No.10242616
 4. Anti mutated Streptococcus rate reach 99.9%, Report No.SL102P90213-22

FIR Handmade Ceramic Energy Coffee Cup

Suitable For: All kinds of drinking liquids and water. Maximum temperature allowed is 200 degrees Celsius.

Composition: Far-Infrared, Nano Silver, Negative Ion Tri-Effect Powders, Japanese Ceramic

Volume: Each cup can fill up to 250cc

Method for Use:
1. Infra-red materials being added to the cup.
2. Able to withstand temperature up to 200 degree Celsius.
 3. Wash the cup with soft cloth or neutral PH washing liquids.
 4. Do not use rough texture materials to wash the cup to avoid scratch.
 5. Do not knock or drop the cup as it is made of ceramic.

Certification by notary office:
 1. Able to withstand temperature of to 200 degree Celsius.
 2. Far-Infrared average emission of 0.90

Energy 3C Protective Sticker

Method for Use: 3C Protective Cover is suitable for HTC, Apple, Samsung, etc. branded handphones, pad, notepad, desktop or any other types of electronic products. After removing the 3M sticker from its kraft base-paper, stick onto the back of handphone’s cover and thereafter, peel off the white colored paper with 3M wordings printed on it. Then stick the protective cover onto it and apply pressure on it. Extra sticker can be kept for future use.

Size: Each piece measuring 8.6cm x 5.4cm x 0.1cm with two options to choose from.

Color: 6 Colors i.e. White, Green, Blue, Peach Red, Pink

Energy Massage Kit

Each box contains: One massage stick and one massage comb

Cleaning / Maintenance Method:
 1. The massage stick is designed for easy to use single-handedly. Two different designs allowed you to massage your full body.
 2. Besides of massaging the scalp using the arch designed massage comb, it can be used to massage the whole body by using the wave-shaped design on its two ends.

Energy Mug

 1. Taiwan New Patent Certification No M394314
 2. China Patent Certification No ZL201020260283.0.

Each box contains: One Unit Energy Mug; can store up to 4 ounces of tea leaves.

Method for Use;
 1. The volume of energy mug is about 300ml (4 ounce), can be use to store foodstuff (salt, sugar) or drinking water.
 2. The body of mug is made of Far-Infrared contained food grade Acrylic, the cap is made of PP material, while the bottom is PE material, the internal gasket ring of the cap is made of Silicone.
 3. Able to withstand temperature between -5 and 90 degree Celsius.
 4. Please soak with hot water before the use for the first time.
 5. Please use soft and mild cleaner to wash.
 6. Do not use the scrub or any coarse cleanware to avoid scratches.

Breast Enhancement Energy Padding

Each box contains: A total of 6 pieces with 2 Black, 2 Red and 2 Beige.

Method for Use: Put the 2 paddings to the side of the bra. The padding is made of high quality lycra material. Can be washed using medium pH washing liquid. Leave to dry in shaded area.

Kang Fu Rou FIR Breathable Pads

Composition: Exclusive Far-Infrared composite materials and adopts plant biochemical extraction technology. It contains Borneol, mints, essential oil from eucalyptus tree and jasmine, plant Glycosyl, Aloe Vera essence, deep sea minerals such as edible alkaline, edible baking soda, mineral rocks.

Product Features:
• It is healthier as it has undergone exclusive Far-Infrared process.
• Using the latest leak-proof composite polymer fiber material. 
• Ultra-soft imported cotton surface for maximum comfort.
• Super absorbent up to 54.8 times, non-fluorescent agent.
• Imported base film, comfortable and breathable.
• Certified with effective anti-bacterial property by notary office.
• Passed USA SGS examination and certified as “Non Skin Sensitive” and non-irritating.
• Easy pull design, reduce moisture fungal infection.

Instruction for Use: The doctor advises to change the pad every 2 hour or subject to personal conditions. Kindly throw used pad into the sanitary bin.

Anti Radiation Energy Pad

◎ 〝Functional mobile phone with far infrared ray to enhance human circulation metabolism〞
China Patent Certification No M349146
◎ 〝Mobile Telephone including Functional Plate〞
Malaysia Patent Certification No MY-149231-A

Instruction for Use: Peel off the 3M sticker liner and stick on the back surface of mobile phone, continue peel of the white liner then stick the Anti Radiation Energy Pad on it and press softly. Anti Radiation Energy Pad can be use on many types of mobile gadget like tablet, computer or laptop and any other electronic products.