Health Probiotics Powder

→ Qualification/detection limit test by SGS Food Lab

Ingredients: Jujube powder (red dates, maltodextrin (source:corn), tapioca starch), Trehalose (source:seaweed), Corn powder, Apple powder, Spices (Spices, Silicon dioxide, Glucose), Pineapple enzyme, Oligosaccharide (source:corn), Lactobacillus plantarum LP-115, Lactobacillus rhamnosus Lr-32, Lactobacillus acidophilus LA-5, B.Logum BB-46, and Yeast extract (contain β-glucan). Contain yeast extract as permitted flavour enhancer. Product formulation contains milk.

Usage: Before or after meal mix with 250~300cc of warn water / or mix milk (room temperature), juice or other drinks. Or can consume directly.

Serving Suggestion: One sachet daily for adult and 1/2 sachet daily for children aged 2-7.

Net Weight: 2.5g/sachet ; 32sachets / box

Storage: Contains viable bacteria, require special storage condition. Please keep in refrigerator before open the packaging and sachet. Once open the product's sachet, please consume within 24 hours.


→ Qualification/detection limit test by SGS Food Lab

Ingredients:Indigestible Maltodextrin (Corn), Trehalose (Seaweed), Green tea powder, Jujube powder, Wild persimmon powder, Black date powder, Lactose (Cow milk), Tapioca starch, Protease (Soy bean), Hawthorn powder, Cinnamon flavoring powder, Ginger powder and Red sage / Salvia root powder.
Contain permitted flavour substance.
Product formulation contains milk.
Contain enzyme as permitted food conditioner.

Usage: Take a sachet after meal. Mix the product with 150cc warm water.Stir well and consume immediately

Serving Suggestion: Take 1 sachet per day

Net Weight: 2.5g/sachet ; 22sachets / box

Storage: Store tightly in a cool, dry place.