Why us?

Company Advantage - Solid foundation, Decent management

  • Our founder - Dr. Hsieh Chin-Hsing, has more than 30 years of organizational marketing experience. He started in Tainan, Taiwan. Expense his business to 7 countries around the world and continues to move in consistent pace.
  • Absolute confidence - Strong integrity and product quality control, providing ten-year warranty and life-long service for foot arch orthotics support.
  • Healthy Finance – Owned all the branches nationwide, with strong capital to build GoodARCH Technology Group.
  • Sustainability - Operating the business with a corporate culture of unity, gratefulness, and building a tourism factory, breaking the conventional business model of the direct selling industry, and continuing to move toward the goal of profit sharing and business listing.

Product Advantage - World-class recognition of the fusion of Eastern and Western medicine

  • Cross-industrial fusion - LiZi yarn combines western quantum theory and oriental acupoint health preservation to create a new future of medical care
  • The Glory of Taiwan - Won numerous international invention exhibition gold medals and special awards, hold many patents and detailed test report.
  • Self-owned production and marketing – Having advantages in R&D, manufacturing, inspection, and a one-stop production line to control product quality

System Advantages - A proven successful and sustainable organizational system

  • Lead by successor - Dr. Hsieh Chin-Hsing leads a group of leaders who have consensus, enthusiasm, professionalism, goals, hard work, and persistent. 100% replicating and inheriting the system, establishing a smooth operation process.
  • Focus on education - implement the SOP assessment system, everyone is at the same starting point, everyone can control their own future.
  • Inheritance business - cultivating the concept of health among the GoodARCH youth generation, forming a sustainable business.

Marketing Plan Advantages - Fair rules, generous and rich rewards

  • Membership – Open for 20 years old and above adult, only need to purchase an entry kit, submit an application form and become our member once the application passed.
  • Supporting Incentive for those who work hard – Incentives such as traveling fee, technical support fee, consultation fee and etc. for those who are entitled.
  • Sumptuous rewards - enjoy annual bonus dividends according to rank, and incentive travel every year.

Professional Advantage - solid training courses, smooth promotion opportunities

Fundamental - District HPP

Fundamental - District HPP

Opportunity Talk OPP

New Distributor Orientation NDO

Profesional Agent Training Course

Mid-term Motivation Camp

Intermediate -  Dealer Training Camp

Intermediate - Dealer Training Camp

Advanced Orthopedics Training Course

Advanced Meridian and Acupoint Health Care Seminar

G.P.A.I Analysis Course

Advanced - Emcee Training Course

Advanced - Emcee Training Course

Advanced Speaker Training Course

Organizational System Training Course

Advanced Foot Arch Seminar

Advanced Meridian Health Care Seminar

Business Management Training Course

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  • TEL:(03)9054-7589
  • FAX:(03)9054-5689


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