Domestic Awards   Inventor Exhibition Awards

Domestic Awards

2017 Malaysia Health & Wellness Brand Award - Personal Care Award

“The Brand of Consumers Trust” Malaysia Consumers Affair Association 

2007 “Golden Brand Award” Best Merchant Consumers Product

2007 The 10th Year Best Merchant “Customers Satisfaction Gold Award”

2009 Consumers Association “The Best Brand”

Year 2009 The 10th Year “National Quality Assurance Golden Award”

2009 “Fastest Growing Direct Selling Company”

2010 “No.1 Brand In Taiwan”

2011 “Best 10 Brands in Asia With Golden Reputation”

2012 “Taiwan 100 Brands”

2012 “ROC Taiwan Excellence Award”

2013 Taiwan Quality Assurance Award

2014 “Gold Award For Quality Products”

 Domestic Awards   Invention Exhibition Award

Inventor Exhibition Award

2012 International Exhibition of Invention In Geneva, Switzerland “Special Prize”And “Gold Medal”

2015 The 5th International Invention Fair In Middle East – “Gold Award” For GoodArch Foot Spectacle Insoled Shoes, 2 “Bronze Medal” For Display of Bunion Shoes

2013 INPEX Pittsburgh, PA, USA “Gold Medal In Alternative Medicine/Therapeutic” and “Grand Prix 1st Runner Up”

2013 Seoul International Invention Fair- “Special Prize” and 2 “Gold Prize”

2014 – The 42nd Salon International Des Inventions, Geneve – “Special Prize” and “Gold Medal”

2014 International Trade fair For “Ideas, Inventions, New Product” – “Special Prize:”

2014 Seoul International Invention Fair, Far-infrared Super Breathable Sanitary Napkins – “Special Prize” and “Gold Prize”

2015 – Salon International Des Inventions, Geneve, Far-infrared Super Breathable Sanitary Napkins – “Special Prize” And “Gold Medal”

2016 Thailand Innovation and Technology Exposition – “Gold Award”and 2 “Special Award”

2016 Malaysia International Invention, Innovation & Technology Exhibition – “ITEX Gold Medal”

2016 Malaysia Association of Polish Inventors & Rationalizer – “Special Award”

2016 Malaysia Contest Brussel Eureka – Special Prize

2016 INPEX Pittsburgh, PA, USA “Gold Medal In GoodArch Far-infrared Super Breathable Sanitary Napkins”

2016 INPEX Pittsburgh, PA, USA“Grand Prix 2nd Runner Up

2018 Seoul International Invention Fair LiZi Acu-Fit & LiZi Arm-Fit "Grand & Gold Prize"

2019 IIFME International Invention Fair in the Middle East LiZi Acu-Fit & LiZi Arm-Fit "Gold Medal & Outstanding Invention"

2019 SVIIF International Invention Festival Silicon Valley LiZi Acu-Fit & LiZi Arm-Fit "Gold Medal & IP Enterprise Trophy & Silver Medal

2019 Indonesia Invention and Innovation Promotion Assosiation LiZi Acu-Fit "President's Gold Award & Special Award"

2019 International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva LiZi Acu-Fit & LiZi Arm-Fit "Gold Medal & Silver Medal"

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