● In 2006, co-conducted a study on “The Function of Arch Support And Shoes” with Dr. Su Fangqing, a researcher of Institute of Medical Engineering, Chenggong University, The research results were published not only in the International Journal of Biomechanics, Vol. 40, but as well as presented at “The Third Asia-Pacific Conference on Biomechanics” in Tokyo, Japan, in November 2007.

● Since 2006 onwards, we have continue to promote professional courses on "Arch Support Advance Learning Class" and "Meridian points of Health Care Advance Learning Class” in collaboration with Professor Linzhi Nan of China Xiamen University School of Medicine and Clinical Medical College of Beijing University.

● For a consecutive of 6 year starting from May 2009, we have been invited to participate in the "Straits Forum – Forum on the Development and Cooperation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Between China and Taiwan". The far-Infrared Arch Support has been certified as an innovative product of Chinese medicine and resulting in 4 co-operations agreement signed with Xiamen City Hospital.

● In November 2010, signed a MOA with National Tainan University Innovation Center and the Institute of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Engineering to study the directions of foot health and footwear technology research for production purpose.

In February 2011, collaborated with the National Tainan University to conduct the "Master Course for Medical Electromechanical System" and trained the first 10 outstanding graduates. And in 2013 re-conduct the course after obtaining audit approval from the Ministry of Education.

● In January 2012, collaborated with Taipei Medical University to conduct a study on “Bio Far-Infrared Materials Products – The Research On The Process of Regulating Blood Pressure And Blood Glucose for Arch Support Shoe Set”

● In August 2012, signed a partnership agreement with Zhangrong University to develop "Weightlifting Talents by Zhangrong University and GoodARCH Technology Group”

● In July 2013, signed the “Product Innovation Cooperative Development Plan” with the YunDuan Service Center of the Southern Branch of the Industrial Technology Research Institute.

● In November 2013, officially signed agreement with Taichung Education University for the “102nd Year Tainan City Visiting Factory Programme