Once you know you are on the right path, the distance does not matter

With more than 30 years’ experiences in MLM marketing, I have come to realize that success doesn’t come easily but through hard work. By doing the right thing persistently, no matter how difficult the path may be, the hard works will be rewarded.

By embracing the philosophy of utilizing the full spectrum of science and technology towards healthy living, my mission is to create the world’s first and foremost orthotic corrections and meridian health, a unique and world class brand for the benefit of mankind and the beautiful island of Formosa.

We are not afraid to express our big dreams as we are willing to take up the challenges based on the principles of "Professional, Services, Reliable, Innovation and Everlasting". We are fully aware of the importance of a strong foundation with each of the development and planning stages carefully examined and strategized.

A very bright and exciting future is awaiting us. We are well prepared! We are looking for truthful, passionate and patience individuals to work hands in hands with us as partners to strive forward together.

Current Positions Held:

Chairman, GoodARCH Infra-Red Orthotics Research Group
Founder, Taiwan Homeway Technology Group
Founder, Taiwan Jun-Da Biotech Company, Ltd.
Chairman, Homeway (Xiamen)
Founder, US GoodARCH Health Tech Corporation
Chairman, Tainan Jun-Da GoodARCH Charity Organisation
Senior Lecturer of Orthotics, Xiamen City TCM Hospital
Director of Reseach, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Health Science, Xiamen China
Senior Health Care Lecturer, Hunan Training Center, China Health Care Association
President, National Alumni Association of Taiwan ZhangRong University
Assistant Professor, Institute of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, National Tainan University
Senior Management Cum Assistant Professor For Master Studies Class, Taiwan Changrong University


Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, Taiwan Chenggong University
Department Supervisor For Association of Department of Electrical Engineering
Master of Business Management, Taiwan Zhangrong University
Doctor of Philosophy, Business Administration, Xiamen University, China
Doctor of Nutrition and Healthcare, China Nutrition and Health Care Association.
President, Taiwan Chang Jung Middle School Parents Association
Member of Industrial and Commercial Construction Research Association
Consultant for News Media Reporters Association
Vice President of Marketing Division, Association of International Taekwondo Federation
Committee, Tainan-Taiwan Kiwanis International Association
Advisor, Tainan-Taiwan Association of Electronic Media Reporters
Honorary Vice President of the China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Xiamen
15th Kenney School of Continuing Education in Asia-Eight Respectable Teachers
Being awarded “Medal of Invention Education” in Pittsburgh 2013 International Exhibition
Being awarded “National Gold Award for Invention” by Taiwan Invention Association