The Orthotics principle began in 1936 when the Germans started to conduct orthotics research for military purpose during the war. It went through the World War II and subsequently achieved breakthrough development. Medical experts found that a human foot is a combination of 26 complex and sophisticated bones structure, with 57 joints, 107 ligaments, 19 muscles and tendons.

The founder of GoodARCH Technology Group, Dr. Hsieh Chin-Hsing, has work more than 30 years in health regimen. He has a wealth of practical experiences on human health. As opportunity revealed, he discovered that the foot arch foundation has a significant impact on human body. The founder majored in Electrical Engineering and has experience in manufacturing biotechnology health products and concurrently learning Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in the field of Meridian. Besides of optimizing his knowledge in technology and practical health experience, he is also actively involved in practical and theoretical discussions to construct his own logical concept. Further discussions were held with different technical background friends and a research group was formed to gradually develop the foundation for theories and concept for foot arch.

Our joint ventures research groups include: - Biologist, Human Factor Engineering Experts, Orthopedics and Neurologist, Material Science Experts, Traditional Chinese Medicine Meridian and Foot Massager Experts. Through the meticulous study by the research group, a customised “GoodARCH” Far-Infrared Correction Arch Support (Non Sterilized) was successfully invented in year 2002. This is one of the greatest product in the 21st century.

“GoodARCH” Correction Arch Support (Non Sterilized) and “GoodARCH” Far-Infrared Correction Arch Support (Non Sterilized) had obtained certification from the Medical Equipment Licensing of Medical Health Department in year 2009, namely “Medical Health Department No 002397 and 002494”. It has six basic functions, whereby it has the simplicity of a healthy product, convenient, safe, effective, long term, durable etc.