"Ten years’ warranty ‧ Lifetime Services" This is GoodARCH exclusive after-sales services guarantee for Far-Infrared Arch Support consumers.

In addition, for children under the age of 14, Arch Support replacement service will be provided. During the warranty period, free replacement of the Arch Support until the foot has achieved stability.

GoodARCH will continue to do research and development of innovative products besides of its current excellent product quality and after-sales services, In addition to conduct professional courses to enhance the professionalism of the dealers in order to respond to consumers’ need immediately and to provide professional after-sales service, Customer service center is being established to regularly liaise and to obtained feedbacks with the consumers on its products experience.

Due to the product's uniqueness, positive changes can be experienced after a long-term usage. Through the care and follow up made by the Customer Service Center, not only that the quality of the product can be monitored but also providing immediate respond to the consumers queries. Selling of the product is only the beginning, the foremost important is to enable the consumers to enjoy living healthily and happily through our products, this is the ultimate goal of the products.

Please call us at (603)5525 8189 – Ext 100,101 or 121 for enquiries. Our Customers Service Personnal will be at your service.