Nurturing new talents will help the continuity of a business. A comprehensive education and training system play a pivotal role in the development and inheritance of a corporate culture.

Through "GoodARCH Group's Comprehensive Scientific Health and Wellness Institute" overall planning, a "Lifelong Study Passport" training courses was launched for products, marketing, services and etc. Advanced training courses are continuously organized and all qualified dealers must participate in order to enhance their professionalism.

Since the beginning 2006, we have continued to collaborate with the Beijing Traditional Medicine University Xiamen Clinical University, Xiamen City Hospital to promote the "Advanced Seminar on Arch Support Medicine “, "Advanced Seminar on Meridian Health Care", "Advanced Seminar on Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment of Traditional Chinese Medicine” etc. professional seminars.

From 2009 onwards, for six consecutive years, we have been invited to participate in the "Strait Forum – Straits Chinese Medicine Development Cooperation Seminar", and signed four cooperation programmes with Xiamen City Hospital.

In 2011, collaborated with the National Tainan University to conduct the "Master Course for Medical Electromechanical System " and in 2013 re-conduct the course after obtaining audit approval from the Ministry of Education, to nurture more talents and professionals for the industry.

The professional qualifications of all business partners and their practical experience are enhance through professional academics teachers and well-planned practical courses. This will help them to be more confident and achieve higher credibility while they are promoting, marketing and providing services.

Education and training can only be achieved through well planning and execution. GoodARCH will invest all required materials, finance and human resources to complete the education and training to effectively improved its personnel quality. This is in line with the business development plan of the company for the decades to come.