Upholding the spirit of "taking from the society and returning it to the society", GoodARCH continues to care for the less fortunate, involves in public welfare, donates regularly to nurseries, nursing homes and other charities organizations. In addition to that, in 2010, “Glasses of The Feet” Charity Association was established for the purpose to serving the communities, to enrich human life, to conserve the souls and to build a harmonious community.
Since its establishment until now, all proceeds from the sales of ticket for health talks was donated to the associations on regular basis. And from time to time, donations were collected from philanthropist partners within our organization. A person’s ability to donate is a blessing. Being grateful, charitable and giving it back to the society – GoodARCH and you are creating a beautiful and truthful society that beneficial to everyone for tomorrow’s living

Tainan City Government Buddhist Chan Guang Private Nursery Catholic Holy Cross Private Nursing Home Kaoshiong Le Ren Qi Zhi Private Center

Ping Dong County Qing Shan Private Nursery Zhang Hua County Ci Sheng Ren Ai Institute Exhibition Stand Day Facilities Yun Lin Domestic Support Office

Yun Lin Family Support Office Jia Yi City Xiu Yuan Nursery Tainan City Shi En Private Nursing Home Tainan City Shi En Private Nursing Home

Eden Social Welfare Foundation Jia Yi City Xiu Yuan Private Nursery Xi Han Er Social Welfare Foundation Tainan City Blindness Welfare Association

St Francis Catholic Church Nursery Yi Lan County God Loves Children’s Home Xinzhu County Ren Ai Children’s Home ZhongYi Social Welfare Foundation