GoodARCH Far-Infrared Correction Arch Support (Non Sterilized)

South City Health Equipment No. 1050510008.

Main Components: Far-Infrared, Negative Ions, Nano Silver (Tri-Effect Powders)

“GoodARCH” Correction Arch Support (Non Sterilized) and “GoodARCH” Far-Infrared Foot Correction Arch Support (Non Sterilized) also obtained Medical Equipment Licensing Certificate from the Medical Health Department: “Medical Health Department – Medical Equipment Production Certificate No. 002397 and No.002494)

And has also obtained Patent Certification from Taiwan, Malaysia, China, Korea, Phillipines, Thailand, Indonesia etc.
To achieve the maximum effectiveness of the product, it is recommended that the first time user to follow the methods and precautions advise by the company.

To stand, walk and sit in correct posture, through gradual adjustments, by adhering to using the product correctly, user will be able to experience the greatness of the product.

A custom-made “Glasses of Feet”